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The 22nd Beijing Welding & Cutting Exhibition

News source: Release time:[ 2017-05-06 ]

 The 22nd Beijing Essen Welding and Cutting Exhibition successfully concluded in Shanghai New International Expo Center at June 30, 2017

     Dongguan Goldland Industrial Co., Ltd. commitment to develop welding masks and equipment production. It is a group has many years of experience in high-end technical personnel of the production enterprises.Goldland uses the solid strength and improves the service system for backing, and with quality assurance to maintain a long-term relation of cooperation with the customer.

      The scholars、experts、manufacturers and exhibitors had an in-depth exchange in the most influential welding field event and BEW exhibition platform. Among them, Goldland Industrial attracted many Chinese and foreign investors stop to watch and negotiate with superb technical standards, high-performance series of automatic light mask products, once again become a major highlight in the industry.

     Goldland  Industrial achieved successful development this year in the welding mask industry. Goldland has a certain reputation of precipitation and the development of sound. We will continue to enhance the management system to accelerate the construction of higher quality and higher level of the brand, rational face market demand, create more quality services to the majority of users.